Who to Consult When Considering Divorce

I Think I Want a Divorce, Who Do I Talk To?

This can be an intimidating question to ask yourself when considering ending your marriage. If you are safe and there is no fear involved, sitting and thinking about who you will talk to about divorce is a vital part in making a huge decision. There are many Divorce Planning Tips to consider as well; from deeply emotional to complicated financial matters, divorce changes everything. You will want to be prepared, both in your mind and on paper.

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So, who can you turn to help you get the answers you need?

Let’s start with who you don’t talk with first to help you find your answers:

  • Family members – The people closest to you probably know you best. They have seen you and your spouse through the good and the bad. This might seem like a good source at first, but often family members are just as emotionally involved as you are. This can cause further complications in the matter.
  • Close friends – This can be a bit tricky. Friends are usually fairly biased and want to love and support you no matter what. They may tend to side with you, which might be what you want, but not necessarily what you need.
  • Other divorced people – Might I suggest that you don’t go out and talk to other divorced individuals or your divorced friends! Misery loves company and divorcees could likely give you ill advice based on their own personal experience. Stay focused on your reasons and seek advice from those that know you well or have experience in matters of divorce.


So, who do I talk with?

Here are a few examples that I would consider valuable resources in helping you get perspective, if divorce is what you think you want:

  • Counselors – These professionals will give you a big picture advantage. They will take all of your personal factors into consideration. They will help you understand what your goals were when you got married, what your goals are now and how these may or may not be being met within your marriage.
  • Religious leaders – Your pastor, priest, minister or rabbis should have advice for you that is grounded in your faith. This may help you get a perspective that is beyond yourself.
  • Divorce Lawyers – Good divorce lawyers have experience in the legal side of divorce that is just as important as emotional factors. They also have experience watching many couples navigate the tricky path of divorce. Likely, they have seen divorces that have gone well and many that have gone poorly. Their perspective is holistic and well rounded in all aspects of the divorce process and the ending of a marriage.

Ultimately, no matter who you talk to about your thought to get a divorce, the decision comes down to you. You will want to inform yourself as much as possible; take your time, ask questions to the right people and do your research. If it feels right, seek professional advice. As a Family Law Attorney in Bend, Oregon I can help assist you in your divorce proceedings. You can contact my office today to schedule a consultation.


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