January of each new year is a good time to plan the next 12 months. We all know that as good as our plans may be, each year always brings a surprise of some sort. It is only when we look back at the year on December 31 that we realize our life went generally according to plan or it went off the tracks. When it goes off the tracks, I frequently receive a phone call asking for help.

Whether divorce is a surprise to you or a planned event, there are steps you can take to to prepare for the divorce process. Your divorce may take a week or it may take more than a year. The length of your divorce depends on whether you and your spouse’s can compromise, who represents each of you, and the availability of a trial date if you need one.

You and your attorney can resolve the divorce more quickly if you are organized, you provide documents when requested, you actively participate in decision making and you are willing to think creatively to resolve differences.

My website provides a number of tools to assist you in choosing an attorney and understanding the divorce process. If you would like additional assistance or would like to discuss your situation I am available for office consultations. Whatever 2016 brings, I can help your prepare.

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How to deal with Divorce in Bend, Oregon