Estate Planning is one of the most rewarding areas of law practice. Clients typically come in with generous goals of gifting their children, spouse, former spouse or favorite charity. Sometimes, a client will come in because they are in very poor health. Even so, the client is buoyed by the idea of leaving behind a lasting inheritance that will aid the next generation, a best friend or a charity that cares reflects his values.

Properly drafted estate documents are important for all phases of life. You benefit yourself, your business partners, spouses and your children by having a proper estate plan in place. It may also be important to you to revise your estate documents if your son or daughter has filed for divorce and you want to protect his or her share of your estate.

It is never too late to change your estate plan. If it is inconvenient for you to come into Deidra’s office or you are unable to do so, she will come to your location.

Wills & Trusts

The simplest form of estate planning in Oregon is creation of a will. Certain formalities must be followed in order for a court to approve the will. For example, a will can be handwritten but it must be signed and dated by the individual making the will who is also know as the testator. Another example is that there must be two witnesses observe the testator sign the will.

If the individual who made the will has property when she dies, the will is filed with the court and probated (proved). Creditors are notified as are devisees and heirs. The process takes approximately 4 months from start to finish if there are no delays.

Trusts, on the other hand, are more involved documents that can accomplish the goal of distributing assets to devisees or beneficiaries. If a trust is properly written and funded, the probate process is unnecessary. A trust is properly funded when assets are transferred into the trust.

Trusts can accomplish many other purposes as well. Your attorney can review those purposes and help select the type of trust best suited for your objectives.

It would be helpful if you brought the following information to your first appointment:

  • The names and ages of your children
  • Your desired personal representative and an alternate;
  • A listing of your property and its estimated value
  • Real property deeds
  • One statement from each of your financial accounts
  • Deidra helped me with both an estate matter & a family law issue. Her billings were very reasonable & she was responsive to my questions & phone calls. I was skeptical of attorneys before I met her; however, she was very down to earth & was genuinely concerned about helping me. It was a great experience working with her!

    Suzanne H.

Tax Solutions

Tax issues frequently arise during the course of a divorce, during property transactions and in the course of running your business. Recognizing tax issues when they arise is half the battle. Providing solutions for allocation and payment is the other half. I am experienced in handling tax matters as an attorney and CPA, including bankruptcy, offers in compromise, release of levies and liens and other taxpayer relief. For particularly difficult tax matters that occasionally arise during divorce and business transactions, I work with outside CPAs and attorneys who specialize exclusively in tax preparation and consultation. Deidra’s background as an attorney and CPA ensures that you will receive outstanding guidance and good value for fees paid.

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