5 Helpful Tips When Choosing a Divorce Attorney

  Divorce it a hard thing to grasp for all those going through it. Most of us have little to no experience in the legal world and more specifically in the divorce legal world. Finding the [...]


January of each new year is a good time to plan the next 12 months. We all know that as good as our plans may be, each year always brings a surprise of some sort. It is only when we look back at [...]

5 Strategies for Surviving Divorce

5 Practical Strategies for Surviving Divorce At any stage of the process At every stage of divorce, there is so much going on. Difficult decisions about house, children and finances are being [...]

Who to Consult When Considering Divorce

I Think I Want a Divorce, Who Do I Talk To? This can be an intimidating question to ask yourself when considering ending your marriage. If you are safe and there is no fear involved, sitting and [...]