Each client who retains me signs a fee agreement that sets forth my hourly rate and explains my billing policies. Time is billable when it is performed at the direction of a client or furthers the goals of the engagement. Clerical time spent on document facilitation (proofreading, formatting and printing) is not billed. Postage is not billed unless it exceeds $5.00. Travel time is not billed unless travel out of Central Oregon is required.

I grant courtesy discounts, in my discretion, to ensure that clients receive good value for fees paid. I routinely reduce time billed to clients to eliminate perceived inefficiencies in the work process.

If the client’s case does not settle but goes to trial, a retainer to cover trial preparation and trial time will be requested six weeks before the trial is scheduled.

In most cases, if the client’s case is mediated, the client will be responsible for one-half of the mediator fees and my attorney fees.

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