5 Strategies for Surviving Divorce

5 Practical Strategies for Surviving Divorce

At any stage of the process

At every stage of divorce, there is so much going on. Difficult decisions about house, children and finances are being discussed from the beginning and sometimes well after the divorce proceedings are final. Add the emotional struggles that are discovered almost daily and you have a volatile blender mixing up your life!

There are a few practical strategies that you can add, day by day, that will help smooth things out over time. Having your internal and personal world in order will help you survive the divorce process from beginning to end.

  1. Exert Your Personal Choice

Those movies you love, that your former spouse hated, watch them! Enjoy your rom-com without judgment. Get in your PJ’s on a Saturday night and laugh at the silliest things. Don’t want to go it alone? Call a friend up and enjoy them together.

  1. Write Down Your Forgivenesses

Surely there are things you can forgive your dearly departed ex. The practice of forgiveness can alleviate stress and lighten your mood. This may not be the time to share it with the other, but writing it down helps you focus on the good parts and not just the bad.

  1. Clear Out the Clutter!

During the many transitions of a divorce from married home to temporary home to new home, you will accumulate some clutter. Be sure to filter out items from the marriage that may be burdensome or hardly needed. It’s tempting to drag stuff around for nostalgia purposes, but don’t. Either toss it out or box it up, you will feel relieved that you did.

  1. Keep it Simple; Speech and Texts

The more straightforward your communication the better. If there are children to co-parent this can be a little more challenging, but keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb. Phone calls and texts can be pleasant, to the point and businesses like if you plan out what you want to discuss and stick to it.

  1. Take “Me Time” Every Day

At some point in your day you have 30 minutes to spare. Use this time for you and only you. This can be anything from a run on the trails to writing down your action plan while sipping tea. When you take time out to revitalize your own energy, you are better prepared to face the challenges of the day.

These practical strategies are just a few of many that there are to consider during the divorce process. I have put together additional resources that move beyond the simple and practical to include Divorce & Debt and Parenting Guidelines to Divorce. Please feel free to download and review.

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