5 Helpful Tips When Choosing a Divorce Attorney


Divorce it a hard thing to grasp for all those going through it. Most of us have little to no experience in the legal world and more specifically in the divorce legal world. Finding the right divorce attorney can become a difficult process due to the many unknowns of what to look for. In doing so, one must ask themselves what is important before investing in an attorney. The following 5 items will help you narrow down your search and find the right attorney.

  1. Be Mindful.

The reason you started this process is to get divorced. Always have that in mind. Emotions often run high for many reasons during a divorce, but they should not interfere with negotiations or reduce quality of life. If indecisiveness ensues, the process will drag on and on causing more headaches and a longer bill in the end. Be mindful of the things that are important to you or things that may be distracting you taking one step at a time until the divorce is completed.

  1. Be Honest.

Understand that divorce is a legal process. Its purpose is dissolve your assets and decide custody matters. It’s your attorney’s job to represent you and what you stand for to the best of their abilities. Remember they are not therapists. While venting makes you feel better, the attorney’s clock is ticking which will not make your wallet feel better. Be honest about the role of your attorney and what to expect from them. What is important to you may not register to them in the scope of the legal process- transparency is key.

  1. Be Decisive.

Divorces pose many obstacles in which you could be become entangled in. Mediators are often used for less difficult situations, but if your negotiation is more complicated you’ll need to hire an attorney. A collaborative divorce is best, but in the end not all go this route. Most often in divorce neither side will compromise. When and if this occur, realize that any divorce attorney you talk to will try to steer you in the direction of their own specific expertise. It’s now up to you to know what you want first, then you can make the proper choice.

  1. Be Aware.

Attorneys are not all the same. Some will tell you what you want to hear in order to close the deal or start the relationship (much like your ex). It is prudent of you interview a potential attorney to find the best fit. After all it is your life and business for them. Your Lawyer should be respectful and attentive of your needs. Be sure that the attorney you choose acts within the professional ethics of the industry, is respectful and attention to you deserve.

  1. Make your choice.

When choosing your divorce attorney be sure him or her is local, professional, knowledgeable, responsive, trustworthy, and communicates well. The attorney of your choosing should support your basic philosophy toward divorce and give a style that coincides with you. Furthermore, the attorney should realize the importance of children and be reasonable about child support as well as custody. This is an important time in your life and large decision. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in this process, but if you follow these tips it will hopefully guide you to a beneficial outcome.

Divorce is something that nobody signs up for, yet they are quite common in today’s society. Tempers and emotions usually run high. Try to go about a divorce with a level head and understanding the circumstances at stake. Lastly, the attorney who hears what you have to say and want, advises you well, and has your best interest at heart is the attorney for you.

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